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What We Do

Product Distribution

A wide range of global products available with an exclusive price range, which is currently being catered for both B2B and B2C respectively. Therefore, we become a one stop interior solution company to our clients as we help to deliver all aspects of their requirement with precision and quality output.

Three Dimentional Desingning

Our highly skilled team of designers provides the capability of creating 3D design, while certainly making sure it is unique and fits the criteria given by the customer through;

  • Concept Development
  • Detailed Planning
  • 3D Visualization

Renovation & Redecorationl

With the tools, equipment and skilled workforce, we undertake renovating and redecorating homes, office spaces, public locations etc, with the ability to design and convert your owned space to your dream space.

Our Process

  • Consultation
  • Design Finalization
  • Design & Create
  • Design Finalization

Always where we start, to assess the project and give guidance on what you need, from a professional’s point of view. You’ll receive ideas and a clear plan for how to achieve your dream space.

During this phase, we explore and brainstorm, learn everything about you, to see through your eyes. It includes discussing the project in detail, documenting, identifying your style preferences and ideas, followed by site visits to measure and photograph. We’ll establish a preliminary budget and obtain any existing architectural plans.

This is where space planning comes into play, a requisite for any well-designed interior. We will first refine the interior design concept and creative direction. Then create sketches and outline floor plans to clarify the design intent. Finally, we will select finishes for the different elements (materials, finishes, fixtures, and furniture). At this point we are ready to present our designs to you for your approval before moving to our next step.

We will have the floorplans, elevations, materials selection, and furniture plans developed into final drawings from the approved design concept. Any last tweaks occur here, to keep your project on the most ideal timeline and to avoid unnecessary delays related to indecision or repeated changes.

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